Guide To Best Electric Blankets

Guide To Best Electric Blankets

There really is nothing better than having a snug and cozy bed to retire to each night, and getting a good rest can do us the world of good the following day. However, we often neglect our bedrooms and bedding choices in favor of other areas of the house, much to our detriment. With one simple product, though, you can guarantee yourself a snug bed every night and all it takes is a flick of a switch.

Electric heated blankets first became popular and affordable around the 1980s, and although they were invented even earlier still, it became clear that the technology just wasn’t at an optimal point to make them comfortable. They might work well at first, but during the night you get overheated or feel the wires sticking through.

Several Electric Blankets

Thankfully, these products have made significant advancements which make them more comfortable, luxurious, and in tune with our bodies than ever. These select products represent some of the best electric heated blanket designs known for their quality, affordability, and coziness, and any of them would do a fine job in keeping you and your family toasty warm through the winter.

Whether you live in extremely cold climates and need something for everyday use, or just want to stay warm in the colder months, an electric heated blanket can help you do it. The best part is when using these heated blankets you’re able to turn down the heating in your house and effectively save hundreds of dollars over the life of your heated blanket.

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Top Features Of Electric Blankets

When deciding on a new electric blanket, it can be confusing enough trying to understand all the features and specifications marketed to you. Compared to regular blankets where you really only need to know the size, there are so many options available in the best electric blanket market. Here are just a few features you may see mentioned and what they mean for your comfort.


Most electric blankets these days come with a controller of sorts, some have a remote and others use a box design. These controllers can turn the device on and off, and sometimes be used to set timers and adjust settings too.

Dual Sided

A dual sided blanket is usually reserved for the larger sizes of queen and king but features two separate heating areas each capable of achieving unique temperatures. The purpose of this is to please more than one user under the blanket so they can heat it to their personal preference.


Comfort is essential in a heated electric blanket, and some popular types of material used are polyester, Microplush, and mink. Depending on how smooth and silky you like your blanket, the material choice will be completely up to you.

Washing And Care

Some electric blankets require special dry cleaning or intricate instructions for their care, but for the most convenient approach look for a product that can be machine washed. As an added bonus, one that can be tumble dried is ideal as you won’t have to hang it out and wait for the air to dry it.

Heat Settings

If you prefer to have your blanket at a very exact temperature, ensure you purchase one with multiple heat settings. While there are some blankets that have one temperature only and they still do an adequate job, it’s good to have a variety for nights that are colder or warmer than usual.

Auto Functions

Some auto functions you might find on an electric blanket are an on or off switch. The auto off timer is there for safety in case you forget to switch it off, and can also be set so your bed is toasty warm for you each night before you jump in.

Electric Blanket Mechanics


Because this is an electric product, a warranty is a must-have feature. Many of the quality brands offer a few years at least and cover controllers, wires, and blanket, so check this carefully before purchasing your heated blanket.


All electric blankets have some form of wiring, so if this is going to make you uncomfortable look for one that offers a thin wire design or thicker blanket so you won’t feel them through the night.

Depending on factors such as the weather in your area or how many people in your bed you have to adjust for, each of these features might have different importance to you. The main thing to consider before purchasing a heated blanket is whether it will do an adequate job of keeping you warm and cozy, and just how safe will it be for your home.

The best electric blanket should have the right mix of comfort, heat, and convenience to truly be something special. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, there are some amazing options available for all price ranges that can tick these boxes for you. Best of all, modern electric heated blankets have design and style in mind too, so you’re not just shopping for functionality anymore.

Best Electric Blanket Under $50

Heated blankets can get quite pricey, but if you don’t have the funds available it doesn’t mean you need to miss out. There are still plenty of great blankets available from trusted brands that can keep you warm at night if you need a little extra comfort, and you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

Although people are usually happy to spend a little extra on their bedding choices, it’s nice to know there are products out there that can make your bed even cozier for under $50. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay warm, here are some of the top picks for best heated blanket in the budget friendly price range.

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket Super Soft


  • Non-electric heated blanket
  • Queen size measuring 90 x 90”
  • ​100% polyester and made with super soft luxury fleece for year round use
  • ​Variety of colors and sizes available to suit any room of the house
  • ​Machine washable and air dry for convenience
  • 30-day money back guarantee offered
Balichun Grey Luxury Blanket

Although technically not an electrically heated blanket, this super soft fleece blanket from Balichun can get you just as warm as the electric types. These blankets are ideal for snuggling and would be right at home either on your couch or in your bed.

They come in a range of gorgeous colors and various sizes to suit every room of the house, and because they’re so affordable you could easily get one for each living space.

The best part about the Balichun Luxury 330GSm Fleece Blanket is that you can use it all year round, as compared to an electric blanket which is only ideal for the colder months. It has all of the right qualities to keep you warm and cozy in winter, but can be lightweight enough during summer when you’re looking for something to drape over you in the night.

Another huge benefit of this blanket is just how easy is it to clean, as you can simply put it in the washing machine on a gentle wash and it’s done. Air dry for the best results and to maintain its quality, and you’ll see just how high quality it is when it doesn’t shed or fall apart even after years of use.

Although you won’t notice any clumps of this blanket lying around the house, some users have stated that after some time it may begin to pill. This pilling might look unsightly but it won’t affect the quality of the blanket and how warm it can make you without the needed for any electricity.

Biddeford Soft Microplush Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket


  • Queen size measures at 84 x 90 inches
  • Two controllers which allow for separate heating areas to share in bed
  • ​10 personal heating settings to suit all temperatures
  • ​10 hour auto off function for safety and peace of mind
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
Biddeford Soft Microplush Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket WIth Two Heaters

The first of two Biddeford blankets featured in this guide, this company certainly knows how to make a quality blanket that feels like absolute heaven. Their queen sized Soft Microplush Electric Heated Blanket is one of their more affordable options, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for less comfort just because you don’t spend big.

This blanket is made from ultra luxurious Microplush and is so smooth and soft, you’ll never want to get out of bed. The best part is, you can wash it in the machine and even put it in the dryer too so it’s an extremely easy item to care for. When you purchase a quality blanket like this, it’s nice to know that it’s durable enough to stand a machine washing, and this product can certainly deliver.

To give you peace of mind that you’ll never leave your blanket on, this Biddeford Electric Heated Blanket features a 10-hour auto-off function. This means you can leave your house in the morning without the worry that you might have left it on during the day causing a potential fire hazard. However, there’s no timer available to preheat the blanket which would have been a nice touch too.

Overall, when you consider the low price of the Biddeford Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket, you can’t go past its amazing value. It has all of the features of the more expensive brands and the trusted name of Biddeford behind it. This makes a great option for someone look for a heated blanket for occasional use, however probably not as ideal for someone who needs to use it daily.

Best Electric Blanket Over $50

Spending a little extra for comfort and quality is normally acceptable for most people, should they have the funds to afford it. For many, they can justify spending in this price range because of the savings they’ll make on their energy bill now that they no longer have to use their heating or can have it turned down some.

Electric blankets, in general, can be quite expensive, and if you want the extra touches of separate heat settings and durable but soft materials you should be willing to pay a bit more. Here are our top choices for luxurious electric heated blankets in the over $50 price range.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket


  • Made from 100% polyester Microplush for absolute luxury
  • ComfortTec Controller with push-button controls and digital display
  • ​10 heat settings for all temperatures
  • ​10-hour auto-off function and pre-heat feature
  • ​Queen and King sizes feature two controls and separate heating areas
  • Senses and adjust to deliver constant warmth to the user
Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Heated Blanket

If you’re looking for a heated electric blanket that’s a little more in tune with you, the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket is it. With the trusted name of Sunbeam behind it, you know that you’re getting absolute quality and craftsmanship from a brand who’s well known for making beautiful items for around the home.

The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket is packed full of all the features you look for in a quality electric blanket, with everything from 10 heat settings so you can get the temperature just right, and even a preheat function which allows it to turn on and get your bed ready for you each night without you having to do a thing.

Another great feature of the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket is that when purchasing a king or queen size, you’ll be given two controllers for heating settings. This means that when you’re sharing a bed with someone else you can each have your own comfort level from separate heating areas. The bed will even sense and adjust your body temperature so that it can deliver constant warmth.

Overall, the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket might be a little costlier than the budget-friendly types, but it’s got all of the right features to ensure you’re kept warm through the entire night. If you want a blanket that’s going to respond to your personal needs, this is one of the best on offer.

Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Heated Electric Blanket


  • Five-year limited warranty for peace of mind
  • Made from channeled mircoplush which is extra soft and luxurious
  • ​100% polyester for warmth and durability
  • ​Multi-setting controller for ease of use
  • Saves you hundreds in electricity bills as you turn down your thermostat
Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Heated Electric Blanket King Garnet Red

Another amazing product comes from Sunbeam with their Channeled Microplush Heated Electric Blanket. This one is made from channeled Microplush so it gives you an even more luxurious feel than other products. Sunbeam is known as the number one manufacturer of electric heated blankets and this is one of their top sellers.

The quality and comfort of this blanket are evident as soon as you touch it, and with a five-year warranty backing up that claim, it’s no wonder that so many people trust Sunbeam with their electric blankets. This blanket can wrap you up in warmth each night so well that you’ll even be able to turn down the thermostat. When you have a quality blanket like this you can save hundreds in heating costs over your lifetime with this one simple product.

Although there are so many pluses with this blanket, some users have stated that they can feel the wires coming through a little more than with other products. Many electric heated blankets are known for being quite thin, so they may take some getting used to, but if you’re a sensitive sleeper you might want to look elsewhere.

This blanket even allows you to have dual controllers when you purchase the king or queen size, so it’s ideal for two people sharing a bed who might have different ideas on comfortable temperatures. It also features an auto turn off function for added safety, so you don’t need to worry that you’ve accidentally left it on. Overall, the Channeled Microplush Blanket from Sunbeam is a cozy and low-fuss electric blanket backed by a well-loved brand.

Biddeford Micromink Heated Blanket


  • Five year’s manufacturer's warranty backing its quality
  • Digital controller with 10 different heat settings
  • ​10 hour auto off function for safety
  • ​Machine washable and dryer friendly for convenience
  • Made from 100% polyester soft micromink and sherpa
Biddeford Electric Blanket

Another popular choice of blanket from Biddeford, this time with a larger price tag, is the Micromink Heated Blanket. This luxurious heated electric blanket may cost more than the other budget friendly option, but you’re given a whole lot of extra value for your money. This blanket is soft, luxurious, and with just the right features to make it user-friendly.

Made from 100% polyester micromink and Sherpa, you can be sure that this will be as luxurious as you can get. Not only is it constructed from these super soft materials, but you can even wash it easily in your washing machine and then put it on to tumble dry without affecting its quality.

Biddeford offers a five-year limited warranty on all parts, which is exceptional for a heated blanket. Although it costs a little more than the other products, you’re paying for this peace of mind that you can be protected if anything should go wrong.

The queen sized variation of this blanket comes with two controllers to suit multiple users, and with 10 different heat settings available you’re sure to feel comfortable. However, some reviews have stated that the Biddeford Micromink Heated Blanket doesn’t reach the higher temperatures that some other products do. If you’re living in a particularly cold climate, you might want to look elsewhere for something that can keep you adequately warm.

As one of the more expensive electric heated blankets, you can tell as soon as you feel it that you’re paying for softness and quality. The wires are barely noticeable on this model, but it might not reach the ideal heat for you, so you really need to weigh up what’s most important. Overall, Biddeford has yet again proven why they’re a trusted name in electric heated blankets for the home.

The Verdict

Electric heated blankets were a huge product in the 1980s, and have recently seen a resurgence as people look for ways to cut down their energy usage. While it might seem like a big investment to make, especially if you have more than one room to cater for, the costs over the lifetime of a blanket on your energy bills can be significant. In this case, it pays to spend a little extra to get something that you know will last.

Heated blankets have come a long way since they were first introduced, and now are more comfortable and safe for the user. Most of these brands offer auto-off functions to reduce the risk of fire, and with fully adjustable heat settings for both occupants of the bed, you can guarantee a comfortable sleep for everyone.

Purple Electric Blanket On Bed

Although all of these products offered something special from the last, our top pick for an electric heated blanket that ticks all of the boxes is the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket. There’s a good reason why Sunbeam is referred to as the number one maker of electric blankets, and this is a prime example of their quality. It’s ultra-luxurious, comfortable, and full of features that make it convenient and simple to use.

No matter which you choose, though, you’re sure to get the best night’s sleep possible with any of these heated blankets. With the right one in your bed, you can turn down the thermostat on those colder nights and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process. For a small investment now, these blankets will pay off for many years in comfort and reduced energy costs.

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