Biddeford Micromink & Sherpa Electric Blanket

Biddeford Micromink & Sherpa Electric Blanket

When you think about how much time you spend in your bed, it’s a wonder that we don’t put more effort into making them as comfortable as possible. Particularly for those who live in colder climates or suffer through long winters, it can be extremely unpleasant to hop into bed after a long day and find yourself shivering cold.

Even when you have the heat on, your bed can still remain cold through the night. With an electric blanket, though, you’re able to turn off the heat in your house to save yourself money and have perfectly warm and cozy sheets all night long.

Biddeford Micromink & Sherpa Electric Blanket Brown

Heated blankets are one of the best cost savings measures you can invest in for your home, with the ability to save huge discounts on your energy costs by turning down the heat. When everyone in your family can benefit from a warm and luxurious heated blanket, like the Micromink blanket from Biddeford, you’ll have a happier and cozier household.

About The Product

Biddeford pride themselves on making quality electric blankets that tick all of the boxes. Their range of blankets can save you money on energy costs, provide a warm and even distribution of heat, and last for many years due to their quality. Their Micromink and Sherpa Electric Blanket is a great example of how well their products are made, and one of their top selling designs.

Electric blankets have made a huge comeback recently, as more and more people are looking to save on energy costs without losing any of their creature comforts.

This electric blanket fits snugly into your bed, with sizes available in either king, queen, or full, and is packed full of features including:

  • Five years manufacturer’s warranty to ensure the quality and safety of their product;
  • 100% polyester with blend of Micromink and Sherpa;
  • Ultra-thin wires within for a comfortable sleep;
  • 10 personal heat settings with a digital controller;
  • 10-hour auto shut-off timer to keep you safe if you fall asleep;
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly for easy cleaning and maintenance;

If you’ve been searching for a heated blanket to add some comfort to your bed, the Biddeford Micromink and Sherpa Electric Blanket has everything you could ever ask for. Whether you’re hoping to reduce energy costs in winter, or just want the coziness of a heated bed each night, there’s nothing this blanket can’t do.

The Benefits

The number one best thing about this blanket is the wiring inside, as anyone who’s used an electric blanket before can testify how easy it is to feel hard wires sticking through. The Biddeford Micromink and Sherpa Electric Blanket uses ultra-thin wires for a more comfortable blanket, so it’s great for sensitive sleepers.

Some online reviews have indicated that the Biddeford Micromink and Sherpa Electric Blanket might not get as hot as they’d like, and have found it necessary to turn the heat settings quite high up just to get comfortable. For that reason, if you want things extra warm or live in a particularly cool climate you might want to search for something more heavy duty.

Because this blanket is made with 100% polyester, it can even be used in the cooler months as a throw or spare blanket for your bed without needing to add the extra heat. It’s extremely soft to the touch, and it won’t shed or pill like other comparable products. You can even clean it in the washing machine and throw it into the dryer, so care and maintenance are as simple as possible.

With the larger sizes of this blanket you’re given two separate controls, which means if you share a bed with someone and have different ideas on what temperature the bed should be for optimal coziness, there’s no need to argue. This function alone makes it one of the better choices if you’re looking for a heated blanket for a shared bed.

How To Get Your Biddeford Electric Blanket

If you’ve been searching online for an affordable place to buy a quality electric blanket, Amazon currently has the best deal on these Biddeford products. You’ll be given free shipping with Amazon and only pay just under $160 for the king size and under $75 for the full.

If you’re looking to get a few around the home, this is the place to do it so you can ensure a discounted rate. These blankets come in a range of different colors, so it’s just about finding one that suits each room’s décor.

Biddenford Electric Blanket Controller

Biddeford is known for making quality products, and the fact that you’re given a five-year warranty on this product speaks volumes for that. This warranty will cover you for controllers, cords, and the blanket itself so it’s quite comprehensive when you consider the low cost of the blanket system altogether.

On top of the manufacturer’s warranty, Amazon also offers their own special Protection Plan which gives you up to three years of coverage. The cost for a three-year protection plan is just under $7 which is a phenomenal value when you consider how much the blanket itself is worth. This little piece of extra protection could end up saving you lots down the road if you need to replace the product.

Final Verdict

Biddeford has done a wonderful job here creating a blanket that’s soft and warm, without overheating and making the user uncomfortable. Their MicroMink and Sherpa Blanket is one of their top sellers, and it’s no wonder why when you feel just how soft and cozy it can make your home.

Biddeford Micromink & Sherpa Electric Blanket Different Colours

This is one of the most comfortable heated blankets on the market, and an easy choice to make when you consider the affordable cost for the quality you get. To say goodbye to cold and uncomfortable beds and ensure yourself the best night’s sleep ever, click on the button below to buy the Biddeford Micromink and Sherpa Blanket.

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