Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket

Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket

When you think about how much time we spend in our beds, it can add up over the years. If a third of our time is spent in this one room and laying in bed specifically, shouldn’t we be investing in something to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible?

For many of us, though, our beds are an area that lacks in comparison to the rest of the house. We spend the latest on appliances and gadgets, have the best ovens and cooktops, and choose a car that’s comfortable and efficient. Too often, our bedrooms are the last to get any treatment and we gladly use any old sheet and blanket much to our detriment.

Balichun Grey Luxury Blanket

What if there was one simple product you could purchase that would not only transform the style of your bedroom but guarantee you the comfiest and warmest sleep you’ve ever had? The Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket is incredibly soft and designed to make your bed feel exactly how you deserve.

About The Product

Balichun is known for creating quality and affordable items for the home, such as pillows, blankets, and bedsheets, so you can be sure they’ll create a great product with this fleece blanket. Made from a super soft material, this is the ideal blanket to leave on your couch or have on your bed for when you need a bit of extra warmth and comfort.

The Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket is one of a kind, offering a luxuriously soft coat that works in summer or winter. This blanket is extremely affordable when compared to others on the market, and features:

  • Three different sizes from travel/throw right up to king bed, so there’s something to suit every room in the house;
  • 100 percent polyester 330 GSM with superior softness;
  • Able to be used in summer or winter and can work well for either;
  • Range of modern colors available to match the décor of every room;
  • Machine washable for a super easy product to maintain that won’t lose any of its softness

This fleece blanket is ideal for so many people, whether you’re looking for a gorgeous throw blanket for the couch, want to be kept extra warm at night in bed, or want a light summer blanket to keep on standby, it’s the perfect product to tick all of these boxes.

The Good And The Bad

Before purchasing this product, you need to be sure that fleece is the material you want. While it’s extremely soft and cuddly, some reviewers have stated that it might even be too much so and they feel it can even be slippery at times. However, if soft and silky is what you’re after in a blanket or throw, you can’t go past the Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket.

One of the best things about this fleece blanket is that you won’t get any fuzz or lint left behind as is the case with a lot of similar products. The best way to guarantee it won’t make a mess is wash it on a cold cycle in your machine before use, and you’ll never have to worry about shedding ever again.

Some users have commented that after a few washes there may be some pilling on the blanket, however, this seems to be a minor exception. Overall, the Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket has been given rave reviews for its strength and quality while remaining as soft as it has, so it’s a great choice for your home.

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Bed or Couch Blanket

The size of the Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket is another huge plus, and although these come in sizes ranging from throw/travel to king, you can expect to get even more blanket than you bargained for. There’ll be no cold toes poking out when you have this luxury fleece blanket to keep you warm.

How To Buy A Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket

The best place to buy an authentic Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket is through Amazon, with an almost 70% discount currently being offered. The queen size blanket which originally cost $125 is now reduced to just under $40 which is exceptional value for money given the size and quality of the product.

As the sizes go up, the discounts get even better so the king sized blanket is now available with over 70% off the original price. Compared to other fleece blankets on the market of this quality, it’s tough to beat the prices offered by Balichun.

Through Amazon, Balichun also offers a special discount rate for multiple items purchased. When you buy two items from them you get 10% off, three items will get 15% off, and you'll get a huge 20% discount bonus if you purchase 5 or more. When you think how cheap it would be to get a blanket for every room in the house, you’d be crazy not to.

Amazon also offers free shipping on any purchase from Balichun, and Prime account holders can even have it delivered express in just two days. This is perfect if you’re heading off on a camping trip or have a long weekend of lounging around coming up, your Balichun Fleece Blanket will arrive just in time.

The Verdict

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight blanket that’s warm enough for an additional layer in winter and cool enough to keep you covered in summer, the Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket is the top pick for you. These blankets come in a range of sizes and stylish colors, so you can choose one to suit any room of your house.

Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket

As one of the most affordable fleece blankets on the market and one with amazing reviews about its durability, the Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket can’t be beaten. To purchase your blanket and add a level of comfort and coziness to your home you never thought possible, click on the button below.

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